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Simply Business - Builders Public Liability

Simply Business - Builders Public Liability

Public Liability : £2,000,000

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Design and Build

Designing a new garden for some is the domain of the computer, not for us! We specialise in working hand in glove with our clients to ensure that the result is easily manageable, suits the soil type and shading available. There is no point in using software just to provide a 3D image of something that may or may not grow in that location. Feet on the ground will always out perform a remote specification. In many cases we have found that clients do not always appreciate the soil conditions that their plants and trees are growing in.

Not all of our projects are grandiose. This project is typical for us, a suburban garden with many years of neglect and literally tons of bricks, stone and other detritus needed to be moved. We used all of the building materials salvaged from the garden to provide hardcore for the base of the raised patio, saving the clients money and time.

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This Victorian garden at the home of elderly residents, designed to use perspective and movement to give the appearance of being a larger space, while the plantings were chosen to include many cottage and period perennial favourites and provide ease of maintenance, with hard wearing turf. The raised patio utilised re-cycled hardcore found on site. A self watering system based on leaky pipes fed from harvested rainwater was also installed to reduce the need for hoses or watering cans. Security lighting finished the project giving the residents peace of mind during the darker days of winter.

In line with HSE regulations we are covered by Public Liability Insurance for all work undertaken.
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