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Simply Business - Builders Public Liability

Simply Business - Builders Public Liability

Public Liability : £2,000,000

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Whether you need a hedge and lawn trim, a fence maintained or garden weeding, we can help.

We all have busy lives and the few things you leave undone or put off until you have time in the garden now can become costly to rectify in the future.
Pathways and hedges, lawns and fences all take time to care for. Then there is the flower beds, the dead heading, planting out it soon snow balls if you leave it too long.

We can offer you a tailored solution to make your life easier or take over the maintenance of the whole garden should you wish it.

In line with HSE regulations we are covered by Public Liability Insurance for all work undertaken.
Your peace of mind is our aim in all we do. Why deal with a properly insured team? - click here