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Simply Business - Builders Public Liability

Simply Business - Builders Public Liability

Public Liability : £2,000,000

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Garden Services

As an organisation we have, until recently assisted those who have either limited mobility or the relevant skills required to complete jobs around the garden, lake or riverbank.
For several years our founder has assisted individuals in communities across western East Anglia with jobs as basic as lawn cutting or weeding flower beds - his way of putting something back into the community.

The demand for our services has been so great that we now offer a range of exclusive services to restore, renovate, design, build, landscape and maintain gardens across Eastern England.

Recent work we have undertaken includes:
Successful restoration of a 4.5 acre game fishing lake in Cambridgeshire including boosting bio-diversity in the way of planting rare indigenous plant species along side cuttings taken from established and mature species in the lake margins, water retention - as the lake is rain fed - and improvements to assist disabled anglers access, the project lasted for 15 months, recently handed over to a management committee for maintenance and on-going improvements.

House and grounds restoration and renovation project in Newmarket, Suffolk - still ongoing.

Advising several riparian owners on bio-diversity, predator reduction and floating and fixed submersible structures, to reduce avian predation and increase young fish recruitment.

Several garden playrooms, including one for the adults in the family - a games room. Plus an interesting home office conversion in a tree!

There is a charge for these services, our first visit is free and includes consultation, all other time taken is charged based on a reasonable day rate and to cover travel and any tool hire which may be involved, the cost of the project is determined on our first visit in discussion with the customer any materials required are quoted for and agreed formally in writing if the cost and time involved warrants it, to protect all involved.

Cutting a lawn or tidying a garden should not need a contract. If however you require our serrvices regularly it would make sense to formalise a reduced rate structure with us.

However we would expect to formalise an agreement if we are asked to renovate or restore a garden, lake or riverbank.

We are NOT builders, but we use skilled personnel from the building, forestry, carpentry and general trades, we are hard workers, with a passion for nature and have over twenty years of Project Management experience to call upon, plus ten times that in general trades - so you could say we are organised - if we cannot help you we probably know someone who can!

In line with HSE regulations we are covered by Public Liability Insurance for all work undertaken.
Your peace of mind is our aim in all we do. Why deal with a properly insured team? - click here